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  • Course Fees : 4500.00 5500.00/-
  • Course Duration : 3MONTHS
  • Minimum Amount To Pay : Rs.4000.00

Basic Computer Course Syllabus

The topics covered in a basic computer course are parts of computers, computer networks, the internet, computer hardware & software, and many more. The complete list of topics and a detailed basic computer course syllabus are mentioned below.

Topics Subtopics
Computer Applications & Basics Introduction, Basic Applications of Computer, Components of Computer, Connecting Computer Components, Computer Hardware & Software
Computer Operating System Basics of Operating System, Linux, Windows, Task Icons, Bars, System Settings, Setting Date & Time, File Management
Word Processing Introduction, Printing a File, Document Creation & Editing, Saving, Text Formatting
Microsoft Excel & Using Spreadsheets Introduction, Rows, Columns & Cells, Basics Excel Formulas and Functions
Introduction to Internet, WWW & Web Browsers Basics of Computer Networks, Internet, Search Engines, URLs, How to Use Web Browser
Communications & Collaboration Basics of Email, How to Use Email, Instant Messaging, Format an Email
Making Small Presentation How to Create, Edit, Format, or Delete Slides, Make a Slideshow, Save a Presentation, Printing of Presentation
Banking (Basics & Services) How to Save Money, Use ATM, Importance of Banks, Bank Services & Schemes

What is Basic Computer Course?

  • Basic computer courses are focused on the basics of computers including computer types, Computer Applications, hardware systems, and more.
  • They also cover the basics of various areas such as Web Designing, computer technology, VFX and Animation, Microsoft office, Tally, etc.
  • The topics/ contents of the course may vary depending on the course type, duration, and institution; however, some of the areas of study include computer basics, number systems, hardware and software, Windows XP, etc. 
  • Basic computer courses are suitable for those who want to learn computer basics, for various purposes; jobs, personal, and business purposes. 
  • Having a basic knowledge of computers can help you land a better job, advance your career, and put yourself above other employees.

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Basic Computer Course Contents

The course contents for the basic computer course are given in detail below:

  • Computer Basics: Introduction to Computer, History, Characteristics, Types, Application, Basic Components, Computer Architecture, etc.
  • Number Systems: Introduction to Number System, Classification and Types of Number System, Base Conversion, using Shortcut Method, etc.
  • Hardware and Software: Introduction, Computer Memory, Peripherals, Output Devices, Software, and Requirements, etc.
  • Windows XP: Features, Comparison, Windows XP installation, Activating and Security features, User Accounts, Getting Help, etc.
  • MS Word: Introduction, Windows Interface, Word Application, Viewing Documents, Basic and Advanced Formatting, Navigating through a Word Document, Printing Documents, Preview, etc.
  • Excel 2007: Introduction to Excel, Workbook, Worksheet, Formatting, Advanced formatting, Printing worksheets, etc
  • MS PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint Introduction, Creating Presentations, Basic and Advanced Formatting, Using Templates, Inserting charts and tables, etc.
  • Security and Networking: Introduction to security and networking, File Sharing, Internet Services, p2p Networking, etc.
  • IT Act 2008


Basic Computer Books for Beginners

Name of the Book Author
Absolute Beginners Guide to Computing Wallace Wang
Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide Michael Miller
Computers for Seniors: Email, Internet, Photos & More in 14 Easy Lessons Chris Ewin, Carrie Ewin, and Cheryl Ewin
Computers for Seniors for Dummies Nancy C. Muir
Computers Made Easy from Dummy to Geek James Bernstein
Is This Thing On?: A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes, and The Kicking & Screaming Abby Stokes
Computer Science Beginners Crash Course: Coding Data, Python, Algorithms & Hacking Ian Batantu
Basic Computer Course Made Simple Prof. Satish Jain, Dr. Shalini Jain & M. Geetha
Basic Computer Course Soumya Ranjan Behera
Computer Fundamentals: Concepts, Systems & Applications- 8th Edition Priti Sinha, Pradeep K, Sinha

3 Month Computer Basic Course Syllabus

3-month computer basic course covers computer fundamentals, overview, MS-DOS, Windows XP/ 2007, and more. The detailed syllabus for the 3-month computer basic course including the topics and sub-topics is given below in the table.

Fundamentals of Computer
Introduction Input/ Output & Processing (CPU)
Input/ Output & Processing (CPU) Memory Device
Types of Computers Characteristics of Computer
History & Generation Applications of Computer
Windows XP
Basic Terminology & Typing Desktop Settings & Control Panel
MS Docs MS Paint
WordPad Accessories & Multimedia
Email & Internet
Introduction Email Account & Its Functions
Search Engine Surfing Web Pages
Basics of Social Networking Site -
General Introduction Antivirus Utilities
Application Software
Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel -
Practically Performed activities
Windows Seven Overview Burning CD/DVD
Basics of Audio/ Video editing Fundamentals of Hardware & Networking
Formatting Hard Disk Installing Windows

6 Month Computer Course Syllabus

6-month computer courses are available as diploma and certificate courses in areas such as computer application. Here are the details of the 6 months course in the computer syllabus.

Operating Systems
Introduction of Computer Parts Window Installation
Driver Installation Software Installation
Disk Management Device Manager
MS Word
Home Insert
Page Layout References
Mailing Review
View -
MS Excel
Home Insert
Page Layout Formulas
Data Review
View -
Power Point
Design Animation
Slideshow -
Home Create
External Data Database Tools
Datasheet -
Introduction to Internet Surfing
Email Create Account
Sending & Receiving emails  Web Browsers
Downloading & Uploading Google Drive
Search Engines -
Digital Services
Net Banking Debit/Credit Card Transactions
E-wallet UPI
Fraud Emails Spams
Trojan/virus -

NIELIT Basic Computer Course Syllabus

NIELIT basic computer course is aimed at common people covering the basics of computers. This course is aimed to provide knowledge of computer basics, preparing his personal/ business letters, using internet & banking services, sending mails, etc. The list of topics covered in NIELIT courses in the computer syllabus is mentioned below.

Syllabus Topics
Knowing Computer What is Computer, Components of Computer System, Concepts of Hardware and Software, Concept of Computing, Data and Information, Applications of IECT
Operating Computer using GUI Based Operating System What is an Operating System, Basics of Popular Operating Systems, The User Interface, Operating System Simple Setting, File and Directory Management, Common Utilities
Understanding Word Processing Word Processing Basics, Opening and Closing Documents, Text Creation and Manipulation, Formatting the Text, Table Manipulation
Using Spreadsheet Basics of Spreadsheet, Elements of Electronic Spreadsheet, Manipulation of Cells, Formulas, and Functions
Introduction to Internet, WWW, and web browsers Basic of Computer Networks, Internet, World Wide Web (WWW), Web Browsing Software, Search Engines, Understanding URLs, Surfing the Web
Communications and Collaboration Basics of Electronic Mail, Using Emails, Document Collaboration, Instant Messaging
Making small presentation Introduction, Creation of Presentation, Preparation of Slides, Slideshow
Financial Literacy for Banking Scheme and Applications Importance of Saving, Drawbacks of Keeping Cash at Home, Services offered by Bank, Banking Service Delivery Channels, Schemes, Insurance

Eligibility :

1) 10th passed

2) 12th passed