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  • Course Fees : 5000.00 8000.00/-
  • Course Duration : 3 MONTHS
  • Minimum Amount To Pay : Rs.1000.00

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is that type of software that helps in creating the electronic form of the given information. This information is in the form of letters, reports, documents, presentations, books, brochures, articles by using various computer programs. It helps in creating the documents with the use of page layout software on the given computer. It allows even more forms of electronic content.

So, Desktop publishing software is the type of software that helps in creating documents with the use of page layouts software on the personal computer.

There are 2 types of desktop publishing software. These are :

  • Virtual Pages – It is also known as What you see is What you Get. These are those types of software which help in publishing the printed pages. It helps in allowing us to visualize the printed pages as to how it looks and helps in performing the basic editing.
  • Electronic pages – These are those type of software which normally refers to the manuals, websites, presentations, and eBooks, which cannot be printed but that can be shared on a digital basis.

Features :

  1. It is Dynamic in size.
  2. It enables content output.
  3. It helps in printing publications exclusively.
  4. It assists the various form of original content.
  5. It is better for complex page layouts.

Importance of Desktop Publishing :
It has become a very important software for creating and disseminating information which helps in allowing the amalgamation of other various tasks like designs, graphics, layouts, typesetting, etc. Desktop Publishing software is being used to create documents like newsletters, brochures, etc. Desktop publishing software is important because it increases productivity, helps in enhancing the appearance of all produced documents, minimized the production cost, easy customization of all kinds of projects, and also in a way to manage the presentation as well as its content. They are potently used to produce physical media like magazines, product designs and packaging, business cards, marketing materials, and outdoor signs as well.

Functions :
All of the Below mentioned features help in the creation of a professional document. It includes numbers of tools like :

  1. Formatting the pages
  2. Adding the page numbers,
  3. Inserting the various illustrations
  4. Well organized text columns and rows
  5. Header and footer options are available
  6. Content indexing and table inclusion are also there.

Advantages :

  • Helps in increasing productivity,
  • It helps in minimizing the production cost,
  • It allows in enhancing the appearance of our documents
  • It just improves the level of creativity
  • It helps in reducing the time taken for producing and printing the documents
  • They are frame-based software
  • DTP software is very easy to import
  • They work in column, frames, and pages
  • This software can be set to the automatic restructuring of the other elements around the frame




Eligibility :

1) 10th passed

2) 12th passed